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Symposium Overview

Featuring more than 26 renowned speakers from research and clinical backgrounds in Ireland, the USA, and beyond, the QBI/SBI Symposium on Molecular Networks of Cancer and Other Diseases is a three day in person event not to be missed. Following a hugely successful virtual symposium in 2020 and an online seminar series between institutes, the aim of this meeting is to bring together health research communities from the USA and Ireland to explore new collaborations and funding opportunities.

This event is organised by Professor Walter Kolch of Systems Biology Ireland (SBI), UCD and Professor Nevan Krogan of the Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI), UCSF. Register here to attend and be among the first to learn more event details as they are released in the coming weeks. 

The symposium will be held at O'Reilly Hall on the University College Dublin campus and will include research talks, panel discussions, lunchtime sessions and much more. The event is free but seating is limited. The first 100 registrants will be invited to join the speakers on October 17 for a social event in Dublin's city centre, concluding in the iconic Gravity Bar at the Guinness Storehouse. 

The Organising Institutions


Systems Biology Ireland (SBI) investigates new therapeutic approaches to disease, with a focus on cancer at a systems level. We use a combination of traditional wet-lab and computational modeling approaches to understand cellular signaling networks.


The Quantitative Biosciences Institute (QBI, UCSF) fosters collaborations across the biomedical and the physical sciences, seeking quantitative methods to address pressing problems in biology and biomedicine. Motivated by problems of human disease, QBI is committed to investigating fundamental biological mechanisms, because ultimately solutions to many diseases have been revealed by unexpected discoveries in the basic sciences.

Programme Committee

Walter Kolch, SBI/UCD 

Nevan Krogan, QBI/UCSF

Eadaoin Mc Kiernan, SBI/UCD

Jacqueline M. Fabius, QBI/UCSF

Gina T. Nguyen, QBI/UCSF

Marketing & Communications Team

Maryann Kelly, SBI/UCD 

Alexa Rocourt, QBI/UCSF

Myriam Nabhan, SBI/UCD

Gina T. Nguyen, QBI/UCSF

Local Organising Committee (SBI/UCD)

Eadaoin Mc Kiernan 

Hugh Doyle

Jessica Ralston

Maryann Kelly

Myriam Nabhan

Rashmi Sharma

Shane O'Grady

Susan Yeates

Stephanie Maher

The organisers wish to acknowledge the financial support of the following bodies: 

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